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Where you will find - Cupid Costume, Cupid Wings, Valentine Masks, and more...
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Cupid's Kiss Costume

Item#: FW5087

$30.00 ea

Cupid's Kiss Costume

Includes Dress / Wings / Ruffle Panty / Bow & Arrow


Select Size:
Small/Med (2-8)   Medium/Lge (8-14)


Cupid's Wings

Small Red Wings Ideal for Cupid

Red Cupid's Wings

16in W x 7in High Red Wings

Item#: W1478


Select Packaging:
Individual - $8.50 ea
12 pair - $72.00 box ($6.00 ea)

See these Wings in White on our Angel page

Valentine Thong

Item#: L2475

Black Thong with Pink or Red Roses Sold Separately. Same as sold with Valentine Bustier Set

Rose Thong

One Size

$6.75 ea


Select Color:
Pink Roses Red Roses



Valentine Bustier & Thong Set

Valentine Bustier  Rose Bustier and Thong Set

Pink or Red Heart Rose Boned Bustier w/ Push up Pads and Adjustable Straps.

Includes Matching Rose Thong (One Size)

(Thong Sold Separately to the Left)

Item#: L8231

$19.95 ea


Select Bustier Size:
Small  Medium Large

Select Rose Color:
Pink  Red


Sequined Heart Appliques

Item#: Seq Heart

Heart Sequined Applique

1.5in Red Sequined Heart Appliqués


Select Packaging:
Individual - $1.25 ea
6pcs - $6.00 *

(Limited. Email if you need more than 6pcs to confirm stock.)

Valentine Masks

Sexy Valentine's Day Masks

Valentine's Day Sexy Masks

With Elastic  $6.75 ea

With Red Ribboned Dowel  $8.95


Select Color Mask:
Red  White

Select Finish:
Elastic  Red Ribboned Dowel


Feather Fans

Available in Red or White or Pink


Click Here to See all the Feather Fan Colors and purchase Feather Fans


White Chandelle Boa  Red Chandelle Boa

Also available in Red, White, Pink or Red/White Mixed

Click Here to See all the Boa Colors and purchase Boas


Armbands or Lace Garters

Red or White or Pink

White Marabou Feather Garter   Red Marabou Feather Garter  Pink Marabou Feather Garter

See Costume Accessories for these items


Cherub Confetti

Cherub Confetti

1oz Package / Gold

$2.00 ea



Valentine Bandanas

 Teddy Bear Valentine Bandana    Cherub Valentine Bandana

Teddy Bear              Cherub

$2.00 ea


Select Style:
Teddy Bear    Cherub

Note: Bandanas Make Great Napkins!!

Valentine Mask

Glittered Valentine Sexy Devil Mask

Item#: CF 68

Valentine Mask

$14.75 ea




Red Fishnet Hose

Red Fishnet Hose

Available in Standard and Queen Size

Click Here to see our Fishnet hose, tights and gloves

Valentine French Maid Costume

Item#: DwnSt Maid


Red Downstairs Maid Costume

Includes Deluxe Satin Dress, Apron, & Headpiece


Fishnet Hose Sold Separately

Feather Duster Sold Separately

Valentine's Necklace

Red Lips

Item#: MGBD-V6350

Valentine's Lip Necklace

42in Pearl Necklace with 6 Red Metallic Lips

$5.00 ea



Valentine French Maid Costume

Item#: Heart Maid

$ 12.00 ea

Sexy Heart Maid Costume



60's Black Vinyl Heart Dress, Hat & Belt

Item#: 50923

Hat & Dress Only (2 Pcs)

Sexy Heart Costume

Gloves & Leg Garter not included. Sold Separately


Select Size:
Standard ($15.00 ea)  Large ($18.50 ea)