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Where you will find - Thanksgiving Costumes, accessories, pilgrims, Indians, colonial, tri-corner hat, wigs, centerpieces, center pieces, autumn, fall, fall fest.
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Thanksgiving Banner

Metallic Happy Thanksgiving Banner 8"x5'

thanksgiving_banner.JPG (205417 bytes)

 Item#: B90880

$2.50 ea



Thanksgiving Whimsical Banner

Happy Thanksgiving Sign 5" x 6'

thanksgiving_sign.JPG (133170 bytes)

Item#: B99213

$2.75 ea


Native American Costumes

See Native American / Indian Costumes & Accessories under See Indian Page 

Pilgrim Costumes

Colonial & Pilgrims Page


Autumn Leaves Centerpiece

18" Centerpiece

Item#: B90550

$3.00 ea

autumn_centerpiece.JPG (55270 bytes)


Autumn Leaves Garland Centerpiece

Gleam & Burst 15"

Item#: B90805

$3.00 ea

fall_leaves_gleamnburst_centerpiece.JPG (65786 bytes)


Turkey Centerpiece

9in Turkey Centerpiece

Item#: B99012

$2.00 ea

turkey_centerpiece.JPG (46932 bytes)


Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpieces

Madras 9"     Item#: B99809       $2.00 ea

madras_turkey_centerpiece.JPG (55923 bytes)

Madras 12"        Item#: B99066      $3.50 ea

Madras 15"       Item#: B99570       $4.50 ea


Select Size:
Madras 9 inches ($2.00 ea)
Madras 12 inches ($3.50 ea)
Madras 15 inches($4.00 ea)

Pilgrim Centerpieces

9" Boy or Girl

Item#: B99411

$2.00 ea

pilgrim_boy_girl_centerpieces.JPG (67702 bytes)


Select Style:
Boy -or- Girl


Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Item#: B99711

$3.50 ea

centerpiece_4pc_set.JPG (62211 bytes)

Set of 4 (5")



Indian Costumes

See Indian Costumes & Accessories under 
See Indian Page 

Colonial Costumes

Colonial & Pilgrims Page


Cornucopia Centerpiece

9" Cornucopia Centerpiece

cornucopia_centerpiece_9in.JPG (252806 bytes)

Item#: B99112

$2.00 ea



Thanksgiving Decorations

Cornucopia / Corn / Acorns / Turkey

Set of 4 Colorful cutouts 14" 
printed on 2 sides

thanksgiving_decoration_cutouts.JPG (319433 bytes)

Item#: B99621

$3.00 ea



Pilgrim Hat for him

Gloss Black Paper Adult /Full Head Size Hat

pilgrim_hat.jpg (27983 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $3.95 ea
24/box - $2.85 ea ($68.40)

See our Felt Pilgrim Hat on our Colonial and Pilgrim Page

Pilgrim Hat for Ladies

Quality Sewn Pilgrim Bonnet

Item#: F52608

Pilgrim Hat for Ladies


Select Packaging:
Individual - $6.50 ea
12 - $5.00 ea ($60.00) Limit 1

Email before ordering if you need more than 15 pcs to confirm stock

See our Colonial Mop Caps and Colonial Bonnets on our Colonial and Pilgrim Page