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Where you will find - Palm Trees, Hula Skirts, Hula Tops, Flower Leis, Shell Necklaces, Straw hats, Centerpieces, Accessories, and more...
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Fish Nets

Item#: B55158E

2ft x 5ft

 Assorted Colors

Fishnet Luau Decorations

$3.00 ea



Colors:  Black / Blue / Green / Yellow / Red

Note color in the comment box at check out 

Luau Deluxe Jewelry

Fabulous Shell Necklace and Earring Set

Item#: Shell Jewelry Dlx

Shell Necklace and Earring Set

$12.00 ea



Luau Centerpiece

18" Palm Tree Table Centerpiece


Ideal for Luau or Jungle theme

$3.75 ea


*Limited Stock. Email if you need more than 4 units to confirm stock

Luau Palm Tree

Hanging Palm Tree 8' Tall

Item#: Palm Tree 8ft

$5.50 ea



Luau Hula Skirts & Tops

Raffia Hula Skirts & Coconut or Shell Bras

Natural or Colorful Raffia Hula Skirt +/- 32"

Item#: Hula Skirt

Standard 31-32 inches Wide


Select Color:
Natural  Multi Colored

Select Packaging:
Individual - $6.00 ea
12 - $4.00 ea ($48.00)


Extra Large Natural Hula Skirt 38"

Item#: Hula Nat XL

Extra Large +/- 38 inches


Select Packaging:
Individual - $7.00 ea
12- $5.00 ea ($60.00) *Limit 1


Luau Bras  Adult Size

Item#: Luau Bikini Top

Designs: Coconut or Shell

Note: Shell Bras available by the case. Email the office

$3.00 ea


Select Design:
Coconut Bra** Shell Bra*

*Note: Shell Bras as low as $1.00 ea for case lots of 144 pcs. Email the office for details and a shipping quote

** Coconut Bras limited. Email before ordering if you need more than 2

Natural Raffia Table Skirts

Item#: Raffia Tablesk

108" X 29"

$12.00 ea *Limited 2 left



Luau Flower Leis & Headbands

Flower Leis * Headband * Wristlets or Anklets

Item#: Leis Flowers

Choose from the following Pieces

* Assorted Colored Faux Silk Flower Leis 36" Long (1pc)

* Flower Headband (1pc)

* Flower Wristlets/Anklets  (2/package) 


Select Design:
Flower Leis**   Flower Leis Headband   Flower Leis Ankle/Wrist (Pr)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $1.00 ea
12 - $.85 ea ($10.20)
72 - $.65 ea ($46.80) *

*Limit 1 for Ankle/Wrist Pairs 

**Flower Leis available for $.50 ea if purchased in 288 pc increments. Email the office.

Luau Poly Wristlets

Item#: Leis Poly WR

Assorted Poly Wristlets

Note: do not pull or attempt to put on ankle.


Select Packaging:
3 pcs - $1.00 ea ($.333 ea)
12 - $ .25 ea ($3.00)


Luau Poly Leis

Item#: Leis Poly A

* Assorted Poly Leis
* Mardi Gras Colors
* Red/White/Blue
* Solid Green 


Select Color:
Mardi Gras Colors  Red/White/Blue  Solid Green Assorted

Select Packaging:
3 pcs - $ 1.00
12 - $3.50/dz
72 - $ 3.00/dz ($18.00)
144 - $ 2.50/dz ($30.00)


Luau Dress

Hawaiian Dress 

$15.00 ea

Standard Only

luau dress.JPG (64112 bytes)



Luau Shell Necklace

Fancy Shell Necklace

+/- 34in Shell Necklace

Item#: Shell Necklace

Luau Shell Necklace Fancy Style

$1.50 ea *


*Stock is Limited to 10 pcs. Then discontinued

Straw Hats /Adult

straw hats.JPG (105850 bytes)

Item#: Bchcomber A

$4.00 ea



Child Straw Hats


Select Packaging:
Individual - $3.00 ea
12 - $2.50 ea ($30.00)


Shell Necklace

Economy Natural Shell Necklace

+/- 34in Long

Shell Necklace Natural Shell


Select Packaging:
Individual - $1.00 ea
36 pcs - $.75 ea ($27.00)

Note: Prices as low as $.50 ea for increments of 144pcs. Email the office!


Luau Tiki Centerpiece

Item#: CNTRPC-Tiki

mini totem centerpieces.JPG (80909 bytes)

 Set of 4 units
+/- 6" each

Tiki / Totem Pole Designs

$3.50/pkg (set of 4) *Limit 1 Left 



Luau Hibiscus Flower Lei

Item: Lei Hibiscus


hibiscus_lei.JPG (52665 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $2.00 ea
24 - $1.50 ea ($36.00)


Luau Costumes

Tacky Traveler

Item#: FW1099

$ 22.00 ea

One piece Jumpsuit w/ Aloha Shirt top & Bermuda Shorts w/wire Hoop Waist

tacky travelers.JPG (105715 bytes)

Beach Comber Hats and Leis Sold separately



Honolulu Shirt

Item#: Honolulu Shirt

$10.00 ea

Let's Party!

rumba male shirt.JPG (52141 bytes)

*Limited Quantity. Email if you need more than 4 shirts

Size European 48 / USA Large



Luau Costume

Item#: 4319

Small Adult/Teen Only

$17.50 ea

Tropical Rumba 2 pc Costume

rumba outfit.JPG (46973 bytes)



Sailor Sexy Halter Top Jumpsuit

Item#: 15744

Standard Size Only

Only 5 in stock

$18.50 ea

sailor_halter_top_costume.JPG (60624 bytes)

Includes hat

Blue w/Red & White Accent Halter Top Jumpsuit


Luau Decorama Kit

Small Decoration Kit

Item: Decokit Luau/E

$7.50 ea

9pcs Total

12ft Tissue Garland / 2 Tissue Seahorses / 1 15" hula girl centerpiece / 4-12" Printed Cutouts / 1-14" Aloha Sign

decoration_kit_9pcs.JPG (87886 bytes)



Large Luau Decoration Kit

$22.50 ea

luau_kit.jpg (29572 bytes)

Complete Decoration Kits averaging 40 to 42 pieces per set for Most Themes.



Tropical Confetti

1oz packages  $1.75 ea

Palm Tree Confetti  Item#: Confetti PT



Deluxe Hawaiian Flowing Wig
w/ Flower - Boxed

Hawaiian Deluxe Wig

Item# H 3012

$ 25.00

Care instructions: Hand wash, mild soap, flat dry, reset, re-curl