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Where you will find - Bunny Masks, Bunny Costumes, Bunny Ears, Carrots, Bunny Straws, Bunny Garland, and more...
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Bunny Head Only

Item#: R2737

$70.00 EA

econ_bunny_head.jpg (30664 bytes)



Deluxe Bunny Mascot

Oversize Head Complete Costume

Item#: F55735

Bunny Mascot 


Ideal for Events or Parades

Includes Hat and Oversize Mask and Tunic

Wear your own white Pants and Shoes

White gloves sold separately..Click Here



Easter Bunny Mascot Costume


Easter Bunny Mascot 

Deluxe Plush Mascot Style Bunny Set with attached Mitts and Foot Covers

$90.00 ea

Carrot Sold Separately below



Bunny Ears and Tail Set

Plush Ears w/Pink Satin and Plush Tail

Item#: AK Bunny Kit

Bunny Ears and Tail Kit


Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.00 ea
12- $3.00 ea ($36.00)
48- $2.00 ea ($96.00)


Easter Straws

Fun Blue and Pink Easter Straws

6dz per bag

Bunny Straws    Bunny Straws 

$6.00/bag of 6dz



Deluxe Bunny Mascot

Item#: R209713

$350.00 ea

Deluxe Bunny Mascot

Oversize Head / Jumpsuit w/attached spats / Vest / Mitts / Assorted Designed Vest & Bowtie 

(Vest is Pokka Dots- not as pictured)



Easter Garland

Easter Garland 

12' rolls

Item#: Easter Garland

Silver Bunnies and colorful eggs


Select Packaging:
Individual - $1.00 ea
12 Rolls - $9.00 (.75 ea)


Oversized Carrot

Item#: Carrot

+/- 17 inch Carrot

plush bunnies & carrots.JPG (79135 bytes) 

$3.50 ea




Foam Rabbit Mask

Item#: Foam Rabbit

Foam Bunny Mask 

$1.00 ea  (4 Left)



Deluxe Mascot Bunny Head Only

$ 275.00 ea

dlx bunny head.JPG (37860 bytes)

Female has Eyelashes


Select Style:
Male   Female

Previously Rented. Price New is $750.00 ea



Roman Costuming

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Roman Tunics/Helmets/Costumes and More! 

Biblical Costumes


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