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Where you will find - Neon Sign Cutouts, Banners, Decorations, Centerpieces, Necklaces, Visors, and more...
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Casino Neon Sign Cutouts

Item#: B50073

neon_casino_cutouts.JPG (83501 bytes)

4 pack / 16" ea     2 sided print

$4.00 ea



Casino /Gambler Vest

Ideal for Dealer Vest

Casino Vest

Item: Vest-Casino


Select Packaging:
Individual - $3.00 ea
12 - $2.50 ea ($30.00)
36 - $2.00 ea ($72.00)


Casino Metallic Banner

14" x 4' Casino Banner

Item#: B55489

casino_metallic_fringe_banner.JPG (59292 bytes)

$3.00 ea



Casino Decorations

4 pack / 16" ea   2 sided print

Item#: B55194

vegas_cutouts.JPG (73097 bytes)

$4.00 ea



Casino Table Centerpiece

Cards Centerpiece 15"

Item#: B50035

playing_card_centerpiece.JPG (60019 bytes)

$3.75 ea



Casino Necklace

Casino Cards & Dice 42" Necklace

Item#: MGBD 2021

casino_card_necklace.JPG (17807 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $ 1.00 ea
12 - $.75ea ($9.00/dz)


Casino Dealer Armbands

Dealer Armbands

Black or Red or Green or Red/Black

See Costume Accessories

Dealer Visors

visors.JPG (57615 bytes)

Item#: 100

Red (Sold Out)   Blue (Sold Out) 

Green Only

$2.50 ea (Only 2 left)



Casino Hat

Item#: CA Casino Hat

Casino Hat




Casino Necklace

33" 7.5mm PGG Dice Beads
mg_dice_beads.JPG (32191 bytes)

Item#: MGBD 1715MG33"

$9.00/dz ($.75 ea) *Limit 4dz



Also available in 42" 6 color Assorted Colors

Item#: MGBD 1715

$12.00/dz ($1.00 ea)



Casino Decoration Kit

Casino Decoration Kit

Item#: DecoKit Cas

$22.00 ea

casino.jpg (35582 bytes)



Casino Decorations

Casino Decorations

Item#:TC1807116 Casino Table Cover  $2.00 ea
1 pc/pkg  102in x 54in 

Item#:PL9851155  Casino Tableware Asstmt (Plates/Napkins)  $3.50 ea
8 Snack Plates 7in / 16 Bev Napkins (3ply)

Item:CP5897116  Mini Centerpiece Dollar Signs/Poker Chips (8.5in)  $2.00 ea

Item#:CP4897116  10in Jackpot Centerpiece $3.50 ea

Item#: NK3851165 Casino Die Cut Cards Beverage Napkins 16pcs +/-10inx10in (3ply) $2.00 ea


Select Item:
Mini Centerpiece  Jackpot Centerpiece  Snack Plates w/Napkins
Table Cover  Card Bev Napkins


Casino Placemats

Jack / Queen / King / Ace

Placemats or Decorations - 4/pkg

Now in Stock. Picture Coming Soon

Item#: CT3187116

$4.00 /pkg of 4pcs