Where you will find - (Paper Mch) Eye Masks, Full Face Masks, 1/2 Masks, 3/4 Phantom Style Masks, Feathered Masks, Comedy & Tragedy, Un-painted (paint yourself) Masks, and more...
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Paper Mache Masks

Paper Mache Masks can not be Upgraded with dowels by our factory stapling method due to the delicate materials of Paper Mache.

You may purchase dowels separately and glue them on yourselves.
(we do not glue on dowels.)

For Larger Quantities (by the gross or 144pcs and up) Email the office for quotations

  **Important: All masks and noses are for Adults unless specifically noted Child Size. Full size Masks for Adults are intended for Adult use only and not intended for use by Children under the age of 14.

Paper Mache Masks Hand Made

Paper Mache Masks Finished and Unfinished

Purchase Finished/Decorated or Paint & Decorate Your Own

Comedy and Tragedy

Unfinished Comedy-Tragedy Mask Set

Item#: VX2800-12

Comedy and Tragedy Pair/Set

Comedy__Tragedy_Unfinished.VX2800-12JPG.JPG (221738 bytes)

$14.00 per pair



Phantom Style Unfinished Mask

Item#: PMAC 51435

unfinished_phantom_mask.JPG (31145 bytes)

$4.00 ea (Limited Stock)


See New Deluxe Phantom Design Below

Unfinished Long Nose Mask

Item#: VX2800-16

unfinished_long_nose_mask.JPG (61755 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $9.75 ea
12 - $7.50 ea ($90.00)


48 - $4.00 ea ($192.00)*Special-Email for shipping quote


Full Case Prices as low as $3.00 ea available. Email for details.

  Unfinished Curved Long Nose Mask

Item#: VX2800-17

Paper Mache Unfinished Curved Long Nose Mask

$12.00 ea


Unfinished Eye Mask

Papier Mch Plain Masks

Item#: VX2800-11

Eye Mask (Above Picture on Right)

$3.95 ea  (Limited...message us if you need more than 1)



Unfinished Full Face Mask

Item#:PMAC 50508

Full Face (Above Picture on Left)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $6.00 ea
12 - $5.00 ea ($60.00)
48 - $4.00 ea ($192.00)


Unfinished Jester Mask

Jester/ Joker Unfinished

Item#: VX2800-15

Jester / Joker Unfinished Paper Mache Mask


Select Packaging:
Individual - $7.50 ea
12 - $6.00 ea ($72.00)
48 - $4.00 ea ($192.00)*Special


Gold or Silver Deluxe Phantom

Antique Gold or Silver Phantom Mask

Item#: B90596 /  B90594

Antique Gold or Antique Silver


Select Packaging:
Individual - $8.75 ea
12 - $6.00 ea ($72.00)
48 - $4.50 ea ($216.00) *Limit 1

Select Color:
Gold  Silver  Assorted

Deluxe Phantom Mask

Dlx White Finish with Ribbon Ties

Item#: B90595

Deluxe Phantom Mask


Select Packaging:
Individual - $7.50 ea
12 - $5.00 ea ($60.00)
48 - $3.50 ea ($168.00) *Special


Painted Paper Mache Eye Masks

Item#: PMAC 30450

Painted Papier Mch Half Masks

Painted Paper Mache Eye Mask with Ribbon Ties


Select Color:
Black (Sold Out) White  Red  Purple  Royal Blue 

Multi Assorted (48 pc increments)
Red/White Assorted (48 pc increments)
Red/Purple Assorted (48 pc increments)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.50 ea
12/color - $3.50 ea ($42.00)
48 - $3.00 ea ($144.00)

Note: Multi Assortment will include 3 White and 2 Royal Blue, 3 Red, 2 Purple and 2 Gold per dozen.  If you need large quantities of a specific color, Email the office before ordering to confirm stock.  Black is currently sold out.  We can do Blue/White, or Purple and Blue, or any combination of Red/White/Royal Blue/Purple for the increment of 48. Just note the colors and quantities of each color in the comments at check out.

Paper Mache Eye Mask Gold or Silver Painted (Metallic Paint)


Select Color:
Gold  (Silver Sold Out)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $5.00 ea
12 - $4.00 ea ($48.00)
48 pcs - $3.50 ea ($168.00)


Paper Mache Court Jester Mask Set

Item#: PMAC Jstr

Top/Left#1  -   Red/Blue  Sold Out

Top/Right #2  -  Purple/Green/Gold (1 Left)

Papier Mch Court Jester Masks

+/- 6" x 9" Mask. Only available in Purple/Green/Gold

Bottom/Left #3   -  Red/Gold Sold Out

Bottom/Right #4   -  Black & Gold  Sold Out

$10.00 ea



Decorated Paper Mache Masks w/ Feathers

Item#: PMAC 23010

Papier Mch Half Masks with Feathers

Note: Silver Trimmed Masks have silver glitter, but trim is black/gold for all masks


Select Color:
Black & Gold Red & Gold  Blue & Gold * Assorted Gold Glitter

Black & Silver Red & Silver  Blue & Silver  Assorted Silver Glitter

Select Packaging:
Individual - $8.00 ea
3 pcs/color or asst- $6.50 ea ($19.50)  (Red or Blue/Silver Only)
12/color or asst - $5.00 ea ($60.00)  (Red or Blue/Silver Only)
72 Blue/Silver Only- $4.00 ea ($288.00)

*Note: Black/Gold and Black/Silver and Blue/Gold are limited and only available individually.


Paper Mache Comedy & Tragedy

Black and White Comedy and Tragedy

(7.5" x 8" +/-)

Item#: PMAC 40511

Papier Mch Comedy and Tragedy Drama Masks with Ribbons


Select Packaging:
Set of 2 (1 Comedy/1 Tragedy) - $14.00 ea ($28.00)
6 Sets (6 Comedy/6 Tragedy) - $10.00 ea ($120.00)
12 Sets (12 Comedy/12 Tragedy) - $8.50 ea ($204.00)


Paper Mache Comedy & Tragedy Masks

Paper Mache Silver Mask with Sheet Music Jester Hat
Papier Mch Comedy Jester Mask with Sheet Music Hat          Papier Mch Tragedy Jester Mask with Sheet Music Hat 

    Item#: VX7217 C/S        Item#:VX7217 T/G 


Select Mask:
Comedy  Tragedy  

For 1 Pair (1 of Each) Choose packaging 1,6 or 12 pairs below)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $14.00 ea
1 Pair - $25.00 set (1 each style $12.50 per Mask)
6 Pairs - $17.00 set ($102.00 for 12 masks @ $8.50 per Mask-6 Comedy/6 Tragedy)
12 Pairs - $14.00 set ($168.00 for 12 masks @ $7.00 per Mask-12 Comedy/12 Tragedy)


Decorated Paper Mache Masks

Item#: PMAC 40504

Fancy Painted Papier Mch Half Masks

Painted, Silver Glittered and Trimmed


Select Color:
Purple  Turquoise  Redish/Pink Green  Blue  Black 

Assorted (12pcs/96pcs)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $7.50 ea
12 Asst Only $6.75 ea ($81.00)
96 Asst Only $4.00 ea ($384.00) *Limit 1


Casanova Long Nose Venetian Paper Mache Masks

(6.25"W x 9.5"L x 4.75"H +/-)

Item#: PMAC 40503

Casanova Venetian Style, Long Nose, Papier Mch Masks


Select Color:
Purple  Blue

Pink   Turquoise  Green


Select Packaging:
Individual - $15.00 ea
12 Asst Only- $10.00 ea ($120.00)*Limit 1

Paper Mache D'Amour & Deception Mask

Item#: PMAC 40576

D'Amour (Male) on Right

His and Hers Papier Mch Masks

Item#: PMAC 40575

Deception (Female) on Left


Select Style:
Male  Female  Pair (1 male/1 female)

Select Color:
Gold Leaf/Ivory  Silver/Ivory

Select Packaging:
Individual - $12.50 ea
1 Pair- $20.00/pair (1 ea style $10.00 ea Mask)
6 Pairs- $17.50/Pair ($105.00 for 12 masks @ $8.75 per Mask)


Paper Mache Forbidden Mask

Item#: B51434

Paper Mache Mens Masks


Select Color:
Black/Silver   White/Gold


Select Packaging:
Individual - $8.50 ea
12 assorted Only- $6.00 ea ($72.00)
48 assorted Only - $4.50 ea ($216.00)


Paper Mache Lion Mask

Item#: PMAC 50500


Papier Mch Lion Mask

Antique Gold


Click Here to see Animal Mask page for other Lions and other Animal Masks

Opera Paper Mache Masks

Item#: PMAC 50509

Papier Mch Opera Style Masks on Dowel


Select Color:
Gold  Silver Assorted (4 or more)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $15.00 ea
4 - $12.50 ea ($50.00)
24 -2 Color Asst Only- $8.75 ea ($210.00)


Fancy Mask Assortment on Dowels

Item#: VX7205ST

Elaborate Paper Mache Mask w/Feathers and Gold Leaf Designs on Dowel

fancy_eyemask_dowel_vx7205st.JPG (85091 bytes)


Select Feather Color
(Masks are Assorted):

Blue  Black  Red

Assorted (12 or more)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $15.00 ea
12 Asst Only- $10.00 ea ($120.00) *Limit 1

Fancy Mask Assortment

Item#: VX7204

Elaborate Paper Mache Mask with Ribbon Ties

Same as Mask to left but without Dowel

Picture Coming Soon


Select Feather Color
(Masks are Assorted):

Blue  Black  Red

Assorted (12 or more)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $10.00 ea
12 Asst Only- $7.50 ea ($90.00)
48 Asst Only- $5.00 ea ($240.00) *Special Limit 1