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**Important: All masks and noses are for Adults unless specifically noted Child Size. Full size Masks for Adults are intended for Adult use only and not intended for use by Children under the age of 14.

Trims and Feather Sizes can vary somewhat. Masks are hand made and subject to variations.

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Deluxe Mask on Dowel

Deluxe Mask on Dowel

Item#: EM 921 S

EM 921 w/ Material Wrapped Stick

$17.50 ea


Select Color:
Black/Gold -or- Black/Silver


Deluxe Mask with Elastic

Deluxe Mask with Elastic   Fancy_masks_em921.jpg (68446 bytes)

Item#: EM 921


$14.50 ea


Select Color:
Black/Gold  Black/Silver

Red/Gold  Red  Blue


Mardi Gras Masks

Deluxe Masks with Feathers Deluxe Mass with Feathers Deluxe Masks with Feathers

Item#: EM 920

$13.50 ea


Select Color:
Green/Black  Gold/Black  Black  Black/White  Gold/Fuchsia   Red/Black

Quantities are limited to 1 or 2 or each color. Email to confirm stock before ordering.

Deluxe Show Girl Masks

Item#: M200

Large Fancy Mask

 $100.00 ea

m501_dlx_mg_mask_headpiece.jpg (12702 bytes)   m300_dlx_mask.jpg (19098 bytes)

Feathers are not quite as large as photo


Select Color:
Mardi Gras 

Black (Sold Out)


Deluxe Mardi Gras Mask

with Metallic Feathers

M300_masks_metallic_feathers.jpg (25861 bytes)

Item#: M300

$95.00 ea

Colors & Quantity Limited to 1 each


Select Color:
Black/Gold  Silver/Royal  Silver/White


Deluxe Mardi Gras Masks

Like Picture to Left But solid colors

Item#: M300

$85.00 ea


Now available in assorted Colors (email the office for specific Colors. Colors coming soon to shopping cart.

Purchase 6 assorted colors for $60.00 ea

Email for details

Mask with Sequined Dowels

Mask with Deluxe Sequined Dowels

Item#: EM920S

fancy_mask_dowel_asst.jpg (71315 bytes)

Note: All Color Variations are not Pictured.

$16.50 ea


Select Color:
Black  Gold/Black  Gold/Blue  Green

Hot Pink  Purple Red/Black  Red

Silver/Black  White/Black

Purchase 12 Assorted (no black) EM920S for $10.00 ea ($120.00)


Mardi Gras Masks

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Exotic Mask with Wig

Item#: Exotica R/B

Red & Black

$13.50 ea *Limit 1

Exotica Mask - Red



Deluxe Mask & Wig

Item#: Exotica B/S

Purple & Silver

$13.50 ea *Limit 1

Exotic Mask and Wig



Mardi Gras Satin Mask

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Mardi Gras Decorated Mask

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Feathered Masks

Deluxe Masks with Feathers     Deluxe Masks with Feathers 

Item#: EM 922

$12.00 ea


Select Color:
Red/Black (Sold Out)  Black/Royal/Silver  Black/Red

*Limited. Email to confirm stock if you need more than 1 per color to confirm stock.

Gold or Silver Deluxe Carnival Masks

Item#: M512

Deluxe Carnival Masks

Black with Gold or Silver  $75.00 ea


Deluxe Carnival Masks

Black with Red or Blue

$60.00 ea


Select Color:
Gold Silver Blue Red


Fabulous Carnival Masks

Item#: M507

Deluxe Carnival Masks

$85.00 ea


Select Color:
Silver/Black (Sold Out)

 Silver/White (2)  Gold/Black (1)


Mardi Gras Glitter Harlequins

Purple/Green/Gold Glitter Harlequins

Item#: P528 PPG

Glitter Harlequin Masks

Sold by the Dozen Only


Select Packaging:
1 Dozen - $2.00 ea ($24.00)
12 Dozen - $1.00 ea ($144.00)

Click Here to add dowel upgrade after ordering these masks

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Mardi Gras Paper Mask

4 Assorted Colorful Mardi Gras Style Masks w/ elastic

Makes great Centerpieces when we add a Stick!

Paper Masks

Item#: MG Paper Masks

$12/Dz Assorted *Limit 1


(Click Here to add dowel upgrade after ordering these masks)


Onyx & Gold 

Item#: CZ8053

$10.00 ea

onyx-gold_baroque_mask.JPG (65093 bytes)


Note: You can purchase just the Mask (no feathers) Separately. Click Here

Native Mardi Gras Mask

Deluxe Hand-crafted Formed Mask w/ Raffia

Item#: CF58 MG

$25.00 ea

Mardi Gras Native Mask


*Note: 1 Left