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Big Daddy Costumes - Money Ho - Big Daddy Accessories

Rapper's Clock Necklace - Walking Canes


Big Daddy

Includes Pants, Shirt and Hat

Item#: FW 1108


Select Packaging:
Individual - $20.00 ea
4 - $17.50 ea ($70.00)

Big Daddy Plus Size Costume

Item#: FW1189

Includes Pants, Shirt, and Hat

Waist up to 50in

$27.50 ea *1 Left


Pimp Cane

Item#: F57383

$6.50 ea

pimp_cane.JPG (14615 bytes)

36 inches

Sold Out

Note: This Cane (and many weapons) ordered in conjunction with Hats or other tall items which would then require 2 separate boxes to ship would require that we redo your payment to reflect the 2 boxes.

Please email us if you need to order other tall items with this. Ordering this with Costumes or other flat items is OK

Money Ho

Item#: FW119404

money_ho_costume.jpg (1188616 bytes)

$19.95 ea

Includes Dress with Money Design and Boa with Money

Size Small (4/6/8) or Medium (8/10/12)


Select Size:
Small  Medium    


Big Daddy Necklace

Super Dollar Necklace

Item#: F60460

Big Daddy Super Dollar Necklace

(10in x 6in)

$4.00 ea



Big Daddy Ring

Item#: F59435

$5.00 ea

big_daddy_4finger_ring.JPG (98904 bytes)



Big Daddy Hats

See Big Daddy Hats Sold Separately


King Strut

Item#: C73269

Jacket & Pants

$20.00 ea  Close-Out

king_strut.JPG (66506 bytes)

Hat not included


See Big Daddy Hats Sold Separately for Great Black Big Daddy Hat


Dragon Walking Cane

Item#: HR358

Dragon Walking Stick 48in

Adjustable height

$8.50 ea



Big Money Daddy

Item#: FW118314

Big Money Daddy Pimp Costume

$old Out

Includes Embossed velvet jacket with $ print cuffs and collar / Pants with $ print cuffs / Hat



Big Daddy Leopard Cane

Leopard Walking Stick with Diamond Hand


 Pimp Cane or Staff with Diamond Head

This Unique Pimp Stick can be either a Staff or a Cane. Diamond Head is a Sparkling Water Globe.

$7.50 ea


Only 1 left. Please email to confirm stock before ordering.

Gold Tooth Cap

Plain  Item#:F57542

Dollar Sign $  Item#: F59428

Gold Tooth  Gold $ Big Daddy Tooth


Select Style:
Plain Gold- $1.50 ea
Gold Dollar $ - $2.00 ea


Big Daddy Cigar w/ Jewels

Big Daddy Cigar

Item#: F59349

Big_Daddy_Cigar.JPG (41803 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $3.50 ea
12 - $2.00 ea ($24.00)

Big Daddy Spats

Spats with Dollar Sign

Item#: F59411

big_daddy_gangster_spats.JPG (472373 bytes)

Sold Out

Rapper's Clock

Item#: F60938

Sold Out

Rapper's Clock Necklace

8in Diameter - 18in Chain


Big Pimpin' Zebra Cape

Item#: FW1261

Big Pimpin' Zebra Cape

Purple crushed velvet cape with zebra velvet trim, high collar and chain closure.

Sold Out

See Big Daddy Hats Sold Separately. Great Black or Purple


Big Daddy Dollar Mascot

Item#: F58181

Big Daddy Dollar Parade Mascot Costume

Includes Oversize Headpiece w/Hat, Chest Piece w/Face and Hair and Tunic

$70.00 ea (Only 1 left. Please contact us to confirm stock before ordering.



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