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Where you will find - Crafts to decorate Masks, Ribbons, Beads, Feathers, Braids, Trims and more...
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Sequined Appliqués

Black Sequined Applique with Gold Accent

Sequined Applique Black-Gold

Ideal for Costumes or Mask Decorations

Approx 9 in x 5.5 in

$5.00 ea (only 2 available)






Sequined Appliqués

Lt & Dark Pink Sequins w/ Silver Trims

Sequined Applique Pink-Silver

Ideal for Costumes or Mask Decorations

Approx 7 in x 4.75 in

$4.00 ea (only 2 available)




Sequined Appliqués

White & Ivory Sequins and Beads

Sequined Applique White-Ivory

Ideal for Bridal, Costumes or Mask Decorations

Approx 9 in x 7 in



Sequined Appliqués

White Sequined Large Applique

Sequined Applique Large White  Sequined Applique Large White

Ideal for Bridal, Costumes or Mask Decorations

Approx 15 in x 9 in

$8.50 ea (only 1 available)




Metallic Curling Ribbons

3/16in x 250 yds

Metallic Colors

(More Colors coming to the cart for a full list)

curling_ribbon_blgr.JPG (64931 bytes)



Select Color:
Red  Blue  Green

Assorted (Note Quantity & Colors at Check Out)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.00 ea
12 Asst - $3.00 ea ($36.00)


See Below for Gold and Silver Mylar Curling Ribbon


Non-Metallic Curling Ribbons

500 yds x 3/16in


curling_ribbon_br.JPG (60287 bytes)

More colors available the office with the color you need and how many rolls before ordering


Select Color:
Turquoise  Lavender  Black Magenta Burgundy  Yellow-Gold  Royal Blue


Masks for Crafts

Click Here for Basic Mask which make great for crafts

Click Here for Paper Mache Masks which you can paint and decorate yourself


See the other pages for decorated masks for ideas on how to decorate yourself

Iridescent White Curling Ribbon

250 yds x 3/16in (Center Picture)

$5.00 per roll

curling_ribbon_iripk.JPG (54184 bytes)


Silver Mylar Curling Ribbon

500 yds x 3/16"

curling_ribbon_s.JPG (18351 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $6.00 ea
12 - $5.00 ea ($60.00)


Gold Mylar Curling Ribbon

500 yds x 3/16"

curling_ribbon_g.JPG (17937 bytes)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $6.00 ea
12 - $5.00 ea ($60.00)

Thick Black Sequins

12 yards@ $1.50/yd  ($18.00)

sequins_black_thick.JPG (85477 bytes)


Select Packaging:
12yds - $18.00 ($1.50/yd)


Baby Blue or Gold

4mm Beads

+/- 30 yards/roll

4mm_beads.JPG (73436 bytes)

$3.50 per Roll


Select Color:
Gold   Lt Blue


Black or Peach 6mm Flat Beads

+/- 36 yards/roll

Item#: 861


6mm_beads.JPG (61885 bytes)

Ideal to glue on masks for decorations


Select Color:
Black  Peach


Black Cord

+/- 72 yards/roll

Item#: 567


black_cord.JPG (44113 bytes)

Note: Only 1 Rolls left!




8mm Flat Pearls

Easy to Glue for trims

72 Yard Rolls  $20.00 ea

  Pearls Flat Back 8mm Rolls


Select Color:
White  Ivory


Thick Gold Cord

Item#: 12950

+/- 72 yards/roll


gold_thick_cord.JPG (73073 bytes)




Bright Red 1.5" Cotton Fringe

Item#: 791

+/- 144 yards ea

$10.00 per roll

red_fringe_short.JPG (57657 bytes)  Red Cotton Short Fringe


*Note: Picture looks Orangy, but it is more Red. 

Deluxe Silver Braid

1" Wide

Item#: 5236

+/- 36 yards / bolt

$19.95 ea

silver_deluxe_braid.JPG (96151 bytes)



Mask Elastics

If you are making your own masks and need Mask Elastics with metal barbs on each end to push through, then see our Mask Fasteners on our Basic Mask Page

Gold Foil Leaf

Gold Foil Leaf for Crafts

Ideal for Costumes or Mask Decorations.  Add to Roman Leaf Headbands for a more deluxe crown!!

Approx 1.75in

$3.75 per gross bundle (144 pcs)



Silver Flat 8mm Beads

+/- 36 yards /bolt

Item#: 8mmSF

$5.00 ea

silver_flat_beads.JPG (91897 bytes)




Red Rope w/ Pom Poms 

Item#: Rope Pom


red_rope_pom_poms.jpg (35174 bytes)

36" Long



Iridescent Wide Costume Trim

1.25" Gold Trim with Iridescent Sparkle

+/- 30 yd - 35 yards


wide trim with iridescent sparkle.JPG (116285 bytes)


Fringe in Different Colors and Lengths

Coming Soon - Email the office for information



Single Slung by the roll / Double by the roll / Triple by the bolt

Coming soon to our Cart.

Ostrich Feathers

Ostrich Feathers 8 to 10 inches


Colors: Black / Red / Kelly Green / Yellow / Purple

Sold by the dozen  $6.00/dz

Sold by the weight (will include 6 to 12in)

4oz (approx 250 pcs) $75.00

Coming Soon to shopping Cart. Email the office for details.

Coque Feathers

Coque feathers of different lengths and colors

Coming soon to our shopping cart.