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Cleopatra Egyptian Nail Set

Re-useable Nail Set

Item#: F60740

Egyptian Nail Set

Sold Out

Gold Laurel Headpiece

Item#: Roman Leaf Hd

gold_laurel_wreath_headband.JPG (43373 bytes)

Deluxe Rubber Leaf Headpiece

See Easter Pageant Site for this headpiece and other Roman Headpieces and costumes not on this page


See below for other Wreath Headbands also

Egyptian Accessories

Egyptian Costume Accessories

 Item#:F58300   Egyptian Forearm Cuffs (2 pcs)  $5.00/pr

Item#:F58301    Sold Out

  Egyptian Collar    Item#: F58299     Sold Out


Select Item:
Egyptian Forearm Cuffs 

Egyptian Waist Belt / Egyptian Collar Sold out


Midnight Cleopatra Costume

Item#: FW110414

Midnight Cleopatra Costume

One Size fits 4-14 (Model is 5'7"/120#)

Includes: Black Dress w/ front slit / Midnight Lame Collar and cuffs / Belt w/sequined trim / Headband


Select Packaging:
Individual - $19.00 ea
4 - $17.00 ea ($68.00) *Limit 1

Plus Size Midnight Cleopatra

Item#: FW10415

Above Picture but in Plus Size

$22.50 ea



Miss Cleo

Cleo Egyptian/Mummy Style

Item#: C73268

$19.95 *Close-Out (Reg $28.75)

miss cleo.JPG (56397 bytes)

Includes Dress * Glovelettes * Vinyl Scarab & wrist decor * Bandages * Cleo Headpiece


Child Cleopatra

Item#: F58360

Cleopatra Child Costume

Sold Out

Egyptian Woman

Mixed Gold & Silver Lame Dress w/Blue Sash and Gold & Black Headdress. Colors Vary

Item#: Egyptian Woman

$15.00 ea  Close-Out Reg $27.50

(2 Small Adult Only Left)

Blue & Gold Egyptian Mask matches beautifully! See Character Masks



Roman Boy Costume

Nice Roman Child Costume

Item#: F58364

Roman Boy Costume

Includes Headpiece / Toga with Sash / Rope Belt

Nice Material / Roman Pattern Trimming / Golden Leaf Headpiece

$12.00 ea


Select Size:
Small (2) Medium (2)

Please email to confirm stock if you need more than 1 per size to make sure we have stock.

Cleopatra Costume

Cleopatra Set
(6 pcs Costume Set)

Standard Size  Item#: FW1041


Select Packaging:
Individual - $18.00 ea
4 - $16.50 ea ($66.00) *Limit 1



Roman Tunic

Item#: A26314

Roman Tunic

Only 2 Medium's Left

$17.50 ea



Plus Size Complete Cleopatra Costume

cleopatra.JPG (44638 bytes)

Plus Size Cleopatra Costume

Item#: FW1186

$22.50 ea


Cleopatra Wig w/ Gold Headband

Cleopatra Deluxe Wig and Headband

Item#: C7012

$20.00 ea

Description/Care Instructions: Deluxe, Washable (Hand Wash,  Mild Soap, Lay Flat to Dry) Boxed



Roman Knight Shield

Item#: PT7404

Roman Knight Shield

(approx 23in x 16in)


Select Packaging:
Individual - $6.50 ea
24 - $5.00 ea ($120.00)

Prices as low as $2.50 ea. Email us the quantity you are looking for with your shipping address for a quote.

Roman Armor

Chest & Back Roman Adult Armor

Item#: PT74101

roman chest&back set.JPG (57056 bytes)

2 pcs Chest/Back Imported Silver Armor


Select Packaging:
Individual - $15.00 ea
12 - $12.00 ea ($144.00)

Prices as low as $6.00 ea. Email us your quantity and shipping address for a quote.

See Child Armor Below

See Roman Tunics above

Cleopatra Costume

Dlx Gold Lame Cleopatra

Item#: R15377

Standard Size Dress - Belt - Headpiece - Collar w/Cape


Select Packaging:
Individual - $20.00 ea
4 - $18.00 ea ($72.00) *Limit 1


Metal Jeweled Roman Cuff

Jeweled Metal Roman Cuff/ Armband

Item#: 012413

$ 12.50 ea


See Easter Pageant Site for other Roman Headpieces and Costumes

Snake Jewelry

Snake Clip-On Earrings

Item#: 012918



Snake Pendant Necklace

Item#: 012925

$3.00 ea




snake armbands.JPG (71266 bytes)

Gold or Silver Snakes w/ jeweled eyes and wire great for arms - necks - legs - head +/- 40"

Item#: Snake G or S

$2.50 ea


Select Color:
Gold  Silver

Select Packaging:
Individual - $2.50 ea
12 - $2.00 ea ($24.00)


Hail Caesar Adult Costume

Item#: FW1112      Standard Adult   

Standard w/ Purple Sash/cuffs & Headpiece

hail caesar 1112.JPG (82044 bytes)

Plus Size with Reddish Sash

Item#: FW1185   Plus Size


Select Packaging:
Individual Standard - $20.00 ea
Individual Plus - $25.00 ea
6 Standard- $18.50 ea ($111.00)*Limit 1



Roman Laurel Leaf Headpiece

Green or Gold Material Leaf Headbands

laurel_wreath.JPG (65050 bytes)  Roman Gold Leaf Wreath Headpiece

Green Item#:F54983   

Gold Item#:F25008 


Select Color:
Gold    Green

Select Packaging:
Individual - $3.00 ea
12 - $2.50 ea ($30.00)

See Easter Pageant Site for other Roman Headpieces and Costumes


Deluxe Roman Wreath

Item#: F65228

Dlx Roman Gold Leaf Wreath Headband


Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.50 ea
12 - $4.00 ea ($48.00)



See Easter Pageant Site for other Roman Headpieces and Costumes


Roman Helmets for Adults or Children

See Helmet's Page  


Item # 964


Select Color:
Gold/White  Silver/White

Select Packaging:
Individual - $5.00 ea
12 - $3.50 ea ($42.00)



White/Silver Crocheted with Silver Sequins

Item#: 926

Available in Black /Gold also


Select Color:
White/Silver -or- Black/Gold

Select Packaging:
Individual - $7.00 ea
12 - $6.00 ea ($72.00)
48 - $4.00 ea ($192.00) *Close-Out

Note: If you want to mix colors for lots of 12 or 48, just note it in the comment box at check out.

Deluxe Fully Beaded Cleopatra Headpiece

Solid Gold (Sold Out) * Solid Silver

Gold w/Black Beads


$12.50 ea


Select Color:
Gold (Sold out)  

Silver   Gold w/Black Beads



Select Color:
Silver   Gold w/Black Beads 


Select Packaging:
12 - $9.50 ea ($114.00)
36 asst only- $8.50 ea ($306.00)


Gold Sandals

Item#: F58384

One Size Fits Most

$ 8.50/pr

gold_sandals.JPG (84115 bytes)



Roman Sandals

Adult and Child Sizes

Item#: F57497

roman_sandals.JPG (57942 bytes)

See Easter Pageant Page for these and more Roman Costuming


Child Roman Chest Plate

Item#: PT74168

knight_chest_child.JPG (58591 bytes)

Chest Front Plate Only


Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.00 ea
24 - $3.00 ea ($72.00)

Roman Armor Set

Deluxe Child 4 pc Roman Armor Set

Roman Armor Set 4pc for Child

Includes: Helmet / Chest Plate w/Vinyl Fringe / Shield / Sword

$20.00 ea


See Easter Pageant Page to purchase Helmet and Sword Separately

Egyptian Crown

Deluxe Metal/Brass Crown

Item#: WF2012

Egyptian Deluxe Metal Crown

Theatre - Rental Quality

$35.00 ea



Gold Plastic Roman Forearms

Item#: CA Roman Forearms

roman_forearm_cuffs.JPG (42700 bytes)

See Easter Pageant Page for these and more


Deluxe Brass Jeweled Headpiece

Theatre or Rental Quality

Item#: 012800


012800.jpg (78237 bytes)



 Cleopatra Set

Item#: CZ Cleo Set

$15.00/ set

cleopatra set.JPG (69936 bytes)

Deluxe 4 pc Set - Chest Armor, Forearms, and Belt

Jeweled Formed Plastic Set


Select Packaging:
Individual - $15.00 ea
4 Sets- $12.00 ea ($48.00)


Julius Caesar

Item#: F58322

Toga w/ attached drape, robe belt & laurel headpiece

$19.99 ea

julius_caesar.JPG (76068 bytes)



Roman Gladiator

Item#: RG80020

roman_gladiator.JPG (69478 bytes)

See this and more Roman Costuming on the

Easter Pageant Page

Chest/Back Armor and Shield Sold Separately.  See Above.  

Gladiator Sandals also available on the Easter Pageant Page link above

Full Figured Pharaoh Set

(Fits chest size 46/48)

Item#: F58369

$25.00 ea

pharaoh_full_figure.JPG (68418 bytes)

Includes Robe, collar, belt, Headpiece



Caesar Wig & Wreath Set

Item#: F63947

$8.00 /set

Caesar Wig & Roman Wreath Headband




Pharaoh / Egyptian Masks

Click Here to see Egyptian Masks


Caesar Full Figure

Item#: F58368

$24.00 ea

caesar_full_figure.JPG (67984 bytes)

Fits up to size 48

Includes: Robe w/attached Drape / Belt / Laurel  headpiece



Aphrodite Full Figure

Item#: F58370

$24.00 ea

aphrodite_full_figure.JPG (72373 bytes)

Fits up to size 22

Includes: Dress w/ attached Drape / Headband / Belt



Caesar and Aphrodite Full Figure Set

Purchase 1 Caesar and 1 Aphrodite Full Figure His/Her Set

$45.00 /set of 2 costumes




Cleopatra Wigs

Cleopatra Deluxe Wig

Click Here to see this Deluxe Wig with Headpiece and other Deluxe Wigs

Click Here to see an Economy Cleopatra Wig and Tinsel Cleopatra Wigs