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Where you will find - Feathered Boas, Fans, Wigs, and Headbands
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Turkey / Chandelle Feather Boas

Feather Boas


Select Color:
Red   Black  Burgundy  Fuchsia   Hot Pink  Lt. Pink  Royal Blue

Turquoise  White  Purple   Kelly Green  Multi

Lt Green  Green/White Mixed   Red/White Mixed Orange   Yellow

Black/Gold Lurex  Black/Silver Lurex

Assorted (50 or more Only)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $8.50 ea
10/color - $6.00 ea ($60.00)
20 /color - $5.00 ea ($100.00)
50 Asst- $4.50 ea ($225.00) Increments of 10pcs/color **
150 Asst - $4.00 ea ($600.00) Increments of 10pcs/color **

** Email the office to confirm stock of colors and then note the colors in the Comment box at check out once confirmed.

Mardi Gras Colors Boa

Mardi Gras Colored Boa (Purple/Green/Yellow Mixed)

$8.50 ea


(Quantity Limited)

Black Tipped Boas

$8.50 ea


Select Color:
Red w/ Black Tips    White w/ Black Tips   Yellow w/ Black Tips

Note: Yellow w/ black tips is limited (1pc). Email to confirm before ordering.

Deluxe Fancy Boas

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Feathered Angel Wings

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Marabou boas 

Marabou Boas



Select Color:
Black   Red   White   Hot Pink   Yellow   Lt Pink  

Lt Blue  Purple  Royal Blue  Assorted (50 pcs only)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.50 ea
10/color - $3.75 ea ($37.50)
50 Assorted Only- $3.00 ea ($150.00)

Other colors available by special order if large quantity.


Marabou Feather fans w/ Peacock Feathers

Peacock Fans

(14" x 25" +/-)

Item#: T 23

Whte Peacock Fan

Shown above: White w/ Peacock ends


Select Color:
  Red (Limited)  Royal Blue  Turquoise (Lt Blue)   Purple   

White (Only 1)  Yellow (Only 1)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $12.50 ea
10/color - $10.00 ea ($100.00) (Only Purple/Royal Blue or Turquoise)

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*White, Red and Yellow are Limited. Email if you need more than 1 before ordering.


Feather Fans

Marabo Fans

Item#: T22

(11" x 18"+/-)

Solid Colors & Mardi Gras Colors (pictured)

Marabou Feather Fans


Select Color:
White  Red Lt Purple/Lavender  Yellow  Turquoise (Lt Blue)

Kelly Green  Burgundy(Limited Stock)   Hot Pink(Limited Stock)  

Yellow Gold    Lt. Pink  Fuchsia  Peacock Blue (Medium Blue)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $6.50 ea
12/color - $5.00 ea ($60.00)
48 - $4.00 ea ($192.00) *Note Colors Available Below

*4dz Colors Available: Black/Fuchsia/Yellow Gold/Hot Pink/Peacock/Red/Turquoise/White

Email if you need more than 1 set of 4dz.

Mardi Gras 3 Color Feather Fan

Item#: T 22 MG 
Purple, Green, Yellow/Gold 

(3 colors as photo above) (Mardi Gras Colors)

$7.50 ea (Limited-email to confirm stock if you need more than 1)


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Marabou Feather Headbands 

Item#: T 64

Marabou Feather Headbands

Black or White Marabou Headbands w/ Gold Lurex


Select Color:
Black  White 

Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.00 ea
12 Black - $2.50 ea ($30.00) Sold Out White


Pink Marabou Feather Headband 

Valentine Headband Pink

Pink with Silver Lurex

Item#: T 63


Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.00 ea
12 - $2.50 ea ($30.00)


Chandelle Feather Headbands

Black Only

Item#: T 62

feather headbands.JPG (46856 bytes)

Black  Only


Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.50 ea (Black Only)
12 - $3.00 ea ($36.00)  (Black Only)


Feathered Angel Wings

Click Here to see our page on Angel and Fairy Wings

Deluxe Satin Lined Feather Wigs

Deluxe Longer in Back Feather Wigs w/ Satin Lining

Item: T 24

Deluxe Multi-Feather Wig


Select Color:
Black  Emerald  Fuchsia  Hot Pink (Sold Out)  Mardi Gras  Multi  

  Orange   Peacock Blue   Purple   Red  Royal Blue  Turquoise 

White  Yellow   

Assorted (48 pre-sorted)

Select Packaging:
Individual - $14.00 ea
12 per color - $12.00 ea ($144.00)
48 Asst Only- $10.00 ea ($480.00) Note: Pre-Assorted/Pre-packed


Economy Feather Wig

Item#: T24 Econ

Feather Wig

$10.00 ea

Only Red Available

(limited quantity Email or call to confirm stock before ordering.