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Rasta Man Kit


Rasta Mon Kit

Kit includes Rasta Hat with Dredlocks, Glasses w/Marijuana Design and Marijuana Necklace

$12.50 ea



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Costume Kits

Devil, Cat and Bunny Sets   Devil Kit

Bunny - Devil - Black Cat Accessory Kits

Item#: AK devil kit

Item#: AK Bunny Kit

Item#: AK Black Cat Kit

(Note: Black Cat Ears Sold Separately. See Animal Accessory Page)


Select Kit:

Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.00 ea
1 dozen per Style- $ 3.00 ea ($36.00)

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Pop Star Kit

Item#: LF RL0007

Pop Star Hat-Wig-Glasses Kit

Kit includes Hat with Wig and Glasses

$8.50 ea


Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart Kit

Item#: F60282

Includes Helmet, Goggles, Scarf

$10.00 ea




Aviator Kit

Hat/Helmet & Goggles

Item#: F21107

$10.00 ea

Aviator Set


1 Left

Aladdin Sword & Lamp Set

Item#: Aladdin Set


Aladin Lamp and Sword Set


Nerd Set

Glasses w/ Tape, Bow Tie & Pencil Holder

Item#: Nerd Set

Nerd Set


Select Packaging:
Individual - $4.00 ea
12 - $3.00 ea ($36.00)
72 - $2.00 ea ($144.00)


President's Sets

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Abe Lincoln Kit

Albert Einstein Kit

Ben Franklin Kit

George Washington Kit

Jefferson or Adams Kit

Theodore Roosevelt Kit

Christopher Columbus Kit


Baby Bib & Bonnet Set

Pink Item#:F51430

Blue Item#:F51431

Baby Bib and Bonnet Set

$5.00 ea  Pink Only


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Big Baby Bib & Bonnet Set

Item#: CA Big Baby

$5.50 ea

big baby bonnets1.jpg (78183 bytes)


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