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Jesus Adult with Crown of Thorns

Item#: FW5436

Full Cut Robe with Drape and Crown of Thorns & Wig/Beard

jesus_crown_of_thorns.JPG (76738 bytes)

One Size fits up to 180-200 lbs

$27.50 ea


Plus Size (Big and Tall) Jesus with Crown of Thorns and Wig/Beard

Item#: FW5725

$37.50 ea (1 Left)



Jesus Adult

Adult Standard Jesus Costume

Item#: RG 80180

Cotton Tunic

jesus adult.JPG (62489 bytes)

$22.50 ea



Virgin Mary Adult

Adult Standard Virgin Mary Costume

$19.95 ea

Item#: F60116


 Virgin Mary Costume


See below for Nicer Virgin Mary and also Deluxe Virgin Mary

Purple Wiseman Adult

wiseman adult purple.JPG (90158 bytes)

Item#: RG 80181

$25.00 ea

Robe/Sash & Headband



Purple Wiseman Child

wiseman purple child.JPG (107794 bytes)

Item#: RG 90181

$19.50 ea


Select Size:
Small*  Medium Large

*Small only shows 1 left. Please email to confirm stock before ordering.

Blue Wiseman

Adult Size

wiseman blue adult.JPG (112127 bytes)

Item#: RG 80182

$25.00 ea

Robe/Sash & Headband



Blue Wiseman

Child Size

wiseman blue child.JPG (98966 bytes)

Item#: RG 90182

$19.50 ea


Select Size:
Small*  Medium  Large

*Small shows only 1 left. Please email the office to confirm stock before ordering.

Wine Wiseman

wiseman wine adult.JPG (94705 bytes)

Item#: RG 80183

$25.00 ea

Robe/Sash & Headband



Wine Wiseman Child

wiseman wine child.JPG (92384 bytes)

Item#: RG 90183

$19.50 ea


Select Size:
Small  Medium  Large


Jesus Child

Deluxe Child Costume

Item#: RG 90180

$ 18.50 ea

jesus child.JPG (57787 bytes)


Select Size:
Small  Medium Large

Virgin Mary Child

Deluxe Child Virgin Mary Costume

Item#: RG 91180

$19.95 ea

virgin mary child.JPG (84734 bytes)


Select Size:
Small  Medium Large


Moses Child

Deluxe Child Costume

Item#: RG 90184

$ 22.50 ea

moses child.JPG (93714 bytes)


Select Size:
Small Medium Large

Moses Adult

Deluxe Adult Costume

Standard Adult    Item#: RG 80184

moses plus size.JPG (101638 bytes)



Shepherd Adult

shepard plus size.JPG (116350 bytes)

Plus Size Adult   Item#: RG85185

Standard Adult Shepherd    Item#: RG80185


Select Size:
Standard ($35) Plus ($40) *

*Note: Only 1 Plus Size Left. Please email to confirm stock before ordering

Shepherd Child

Item #: F60107

$19.50 ea

Shepherd Child Costume

Nice Quality with Velour Tunic

Sold Out

Virgin Mary

Deluxe Virgin Mary

Made in the USA

Item#: RG81180

Virgin Mary Costume

Includes Dress / Headpiece / Tie Cord

$25.00 ea



Cardinal Costume

Item#: FW5405

$28.50 ea

Cardinal Costume

Includes Vestments White Robe, Velvet Chasuble, 2 piece stole, Miter Hat


Pontiff/Pope Costume

Item#: FW5419

Pope Costume

Includes: Robe w/detachable Collar and Gold Lame, Waist Sash, Miter Hat

Sold Out

Spiritual Guy

Click Here to See Spiritual Guy in Orange Robe with Bald Head/Pony Tail on our Halloween page


Monk Robes

Click Here to see Monk Robes in Standard and Plus Sizes

Deluxe Round Necklace and Medallion w/ Red Stone

Ideal for Biblical Necklace

Ornate Jewelry

Item#: 012103

$ 18.50 ea


Limited Quantity. Email if you need more than 1


Ornate Cross w/ Red Jewels

Deluxe Intricate Cross

Ornate Cross Red Jewels

Item#: 012500

$ 5.75 ea




Ornate Theatrical Cross

Ornate Theatrical Cross

Item#: 012557

$ 6.50 ea


Limited Quantity. Email if you need more than 1

Red Jeweled Cross

Deluxe Large Red Jeweled Cross on Heavy Gold Chain

Red Jeweled Cross on Gold Chain

Item#: 012509

$ 18.50 ea


Moses Wig & Beard Set

Deluxe  Moses Wig & Beard Set - Boxed

moses wig & beard.jpg (14829 bytes)

Item: C9204

Dk. Gray Only

Care Instructions:
Hand wash, mild soap, flat dry, reshape, curl, brush as needed.

$ 24.50 ea


Jesus Wig & Beard Set

Item#: CS 387

$14.00 ea

brown_wig_beard_set.JPG (53428 bytes)


Jesus Wig

Long Dark Brown Wig
(Darker than shown - See color Below)

Item#: CS 331

$10.00 ea

cs331_brown_long_wig.JPG (67151 bytes)



Matching Beard & Mustache set below

Set is ideal for Deluxe Jesus Set.  Trim Beard to desired Lengths

Biblical Animal Masks

See Animal Masks

 Animal Mask Page 

(Camel, Donkey, Goat and Sheep Masks & Lots More)

Jesus Long Wig and Mustache/Beard Set

Item#: CS331 Wig/Beard Set


jesus_cs331_wig_beard_set.JPG (51969 bytes)


Vacation Bible School

Click Here to see Vacation Bible School Banners and Decorations

Cross Jewelry

Also See NEW Cross Jewelry on Vacation Bible School Page Click Here



Nun Costume

Standard Nun Costume

Nun Costume

Includes Dress, habit and rope belt

Item#: 51968

Standard Size  $18.50 ea



Large Standard Nun Costume

Item#: 51968 L

$22.50 ea


See below for Sexy Nun & Priest 

Adam & Eve Set

Item#: FW5068

His & Her
$ 22.50 (pair)

Includes 2 flesh tone jumpsuits w/ leaf coverage and 2 leaf headpieces

Adam and Eve Costumes

One Size



Plus Sheik/Shepherd


Plus Size (pictured) sold out.

Only Standard Size Available

Item#: FW 1052


Includes: Full cut White Robe - Striped Caftan - Belt Striped Burnoose - Gold Headband


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Angel Costumes and Angel Wings

See our New Site devoted to Angel and Fairy Costumes and Wings

Angel and Fairy Costumes and Wings


Also see Butterfly, Lady Bug, and other Costumes and Wings


Monk Cross

To purchase this item see our Costume Accessory Page

Shepherd Crook

      Shepherd's Crook White

Brown or White

Comes in 4 pieces which you screw together

68" Tall

Brown  Item#:F28520

White   Item#:F58585

$7.50 ea


Select Color:
Brown -or- White

Child Biblical Wig - Beard Set

Item#: F61992

$12.50 ea

Child Biblical Beard and Wig Set


See Adult Wig below

Nuns & Priest

Item#: 51759

Hip Nun

Standard Size
$20.00 ea

Includes Dress w/ Side Slit, habit and rope belt. Nice Cotton Material



Priest Costume

Item#: 61170

Long Gown Only (1pc)

Very Nice Cotton Material w/ Zipper Front and Deluxe Trim - Belt or White Collar Not Included

Standard Size

$ 20.00 ea


Large Priest Costume

  $25.00 ea


Click Here to See a Rabbi Costume

Adult Biblical Wigs

Includes Crown of Thorns

Item#: F63944

$15.00 ea

Jesus Wigs & Beard with Crown of Thorns

Set Includes Wig/Beard/Mustache/Thorn Crown



See Child Wig Above

Shepherd Costume

Item#: F60114

Shepherd Biblical Costume

$20.00 ea


Only 1 left. Please email the office to confirm stock before ordering.


Shepherd Costume

Deluxe Shepherd Costume

Item#: F65466

Deluxe Shepherd Costume

$25.00 ea




Mary Costume

Deluxe Mary Costume

Item#: F65834

Mary Biblical Deluxe Costume